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Why Keleşoğlu ?

Quality Solutions
Keleşoğlu Holding uses first grade materials for every project. It exhibits its quality along with a mastership and the automation in house rather than importing products. It places great importance to customer satisfaction, whether commercial or residence

High Investment Value Locations
It aims to work at such locations of high investment value and potential besides creating high quality living spaces for customers. It operates diligently with its team of experts on each building plot requested.

2 Year Warranty
Never abandoning its customers after sales, Keleşoğlu Holding provides a 2-year warranty for facilitating quick solutions to any potential problems by means of a team of expert professionals.

It has established midclubs for founding the most prestigious sports and living club of Istanbul. In all the projects undertaken after 2014, midclubs was included. It aims presenting a complete sports experience without compromising in terms of utilizing quality products.

Plan - Build - Manage

We attach importance to sustainable details contributing privileges to your lives


We take flat owners to the peak of luxury by combining our unique designs with the highest quality materials.


You will feel the difference of Keleşoğlu with kitchens designed in full, luxurious bathrooms, practical rooms and such details increasing your comfort!


We provide all our projects with the top quality living products utilizing only the first grade materials and collaborating with such companies specialist in their fields.

midclubs (Sports and Life Club)

midclubs sports club that we include in our new projects since 2014 aims to carry sports experience to the peak level.

Green Field

We place great importance on green zones in our projects. A large landscape equipped with trees and turfs most suitable to the region awaits you.

2 Years Warranty

Keleşoğlu Holding, not abandoning its customers after-sale, provides a 2-year warranty for quick solutions to any potential problems with a team of experts.

Design and Architecture
We worked with the best Designers of the World

Emre AROLAT / Architect of Arketip Evler

We continue to work with tens of different designers
and architects in our projects, who are renowned with
their works.

Architects We Worked With

Projects We Completed
All of our projects adding value to Istanbul with shopping centers and luxurious residences


We know the importance of the time for you: time for life, time for love ... time for everything. Ataköy Konakları opens its doors in Ataköy, in the heart of Istanbul. For you to enjoy this beautiful city to your heart's content without any transportation difficulties. To spare your for the beauties of life and your loved ones, not for traffic. For you to reach happiness as soon as possible ...

Detailed Review

Projects on Sale
Our projects adding value to Istanbul with Keleşoğlu Quality and Assurance

Projects Location
We continue working on the projects at the most distinguished locations of Istanbul.