Founded in 1979 to create qualitative projects and add value to the lives of people, Keleşoğlu Holding, since then to nowadays has conducted 33 efficient projects cooperating with 22 different local and international architects.

Keleşoğlu, which develops housing, shopping mall, commercial and mixed projects specifically in central locations of metropolises, has built total of 2 million 510 thousand square meters of living space and commercial area since founding.

Placing attention to quality rather than quantity in construction of its projects, Keleşoğlu contributes to development of the sector through its quickly progressing investments in important locations.

Working with professionals in their areas, Keleşoğlu ensures return on investments to its investors and is permanently growing, as well as it continues building sustainable reliable environments. Closely following the developments around the world and constructing living spaces beyond expectations with an innovative perspective, Keleşoğlu continues its operation with this motivation.

Having a series of symbolic projects such as Capacity, Pelican Mall, Historia Fatih, Flyinn, Metroport, Koru Florya, Vadistanbul, Pelican Hill, Ataköy Konakları, Arketip, Yalın Evler in its portfolio, Keleşoğlu received many international awards.

President's Message

In 1979, we started this journey with the purpose of adding value to the people’s lives. Since then to nowadays, we continue to build real estate for the variety of intended uses, from top quality housing to commercial facilities, from office buildings to shopping malls.

In this journey, we are fueled by our stakeholders we cooperate with and dear friends that improved their lives with our contribution.

The world is changing and developing. So, we are constantly upgrading our work processes by closely following the sector developments. The national and international awards we received, while imposing more responsibilities on us, encourage us to be always in search of the better solutions.

Our biggest capital is the power we took from the past and the knowledge baggage we transfer from generation to generation. Our never ending ambition to work, human resource that we have and high technology are features the make us different. Our values that accompanied us to these days are indispensable.

As Keleşoğlu Holding, we know how high the value of this land is. We will continue to do what we know best in the best way possible and with the confidence about the future of our country Turkey and its economy.

Mustafa Keleş
Istanbul Technical Univercity Civil Engineer
President of the Executive Board of Keleşoğlu Holding


To keep reputation of the best firm to ensure return on investments to our investors, providing environment-friendly aesthetic architecture and high quality of life, channeling innovations that make life easier


Keleşoğlu Holding, one of the innovative and leading firms in real estate sector, places importance to quality rather than quantity, and creates the most qualitative architectural projects in the most important locations of every land.

Projects Location
We continue working on the projects at the most distinguished locations of Istanbul.