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Ataköy Konakları

We know how important the time is for you. Time for living, time for loving… Time for everything… Ataköy Konakları open its doors in Ataköy in the city center of Istanbul. So that you may enjoy living in this beautiful city to the full without any transportation issue. So that you may spend your time in rushing traffic flow, but instead spare it for beauties of life and for your loved ones. So that you may be happy in no time…

The earthquake is not a fear for you, it will be a natural event for which precaution has been taken. The type of foundation in Ataköy Konakları is raft foundation with bored piles, and the buildings are constructed by the raft foundation with 58-98 units of bored piles approximately 81 km long with diameters between 80-90 under every building. Static Projects of Ataköy Konakları are checked by Istanbul Technical University and it is worked with the best companies in their fields in Turkey.

Camera security system, photocell vehicle pass, audio and video intercom system, uninterrupted electricity…
Everything in Ataköy Konutları is for your peace.

The successful architect Hüseyin SARI, who has carried out many projects throughout the country especially in Istanbul up to now, is the project designer of Ataköy Konakları.

Piece of Block 950
Construction Zone 269.744 m²
Land Area 151.482 m²

Ataköy 2-5-6. Mahallesi, Ataköy Konutları, 34158 Bakırköy/İstanbul

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Architect of Ataköy Konakları
HHS Mimarlık

HHS Mimarlık has the knowledge and experience to respond the demands of clients in every stage of projects in order to ensure that people continue their activities of housing, resting, working, and having fun and facilitating their lives.

It is essential that our designs presented to our clients must be of such quality to satisfy different expectations and prove the fulfillment of dreams during the execution stages, having combined with the art of planning and constructing structures and physical environment in proper dimensions.

Design and Architecture

Ataköy Konakları Social Life

Ataköy Konutları social facilities accommodate a large variety of options, such as courts for basketball, football, volleyball, and tennis, outdoor and indoor pools, fitness and aerobic exercises, Turkish bath, sauna, SPA, and tracks for walking, jogging, and cycling.

Social Facility

Projects Location
We continue working on the projects at the most distinguished locations of Istanbul.