We attach importance to sustainable details contributing privileges to your lives


We take flat owners to the peak of luxury by combining our unique designs with the highest quality materials.

Together with the in-house R&D team, we include the most popular and durable products of the construction sector after conducting tests on them. Design and durability are the major issues we pay attention.

We meticulously monitor colors, designs and labor of the projects. Follow the projects of Keleşoğlu Holding for innovative living!


You will feel the difference of Keleşoğlu with kitchens designed in full, luxurious bathrooms, practical rooms and such details increasing your comfort!

Designs of rooms are prepared by the architects of Keleşoğlu Holding. All the elements of living spaces in your flat are meticulously chosen. The best solutions are considered for a peaceful and tranquil living. Keleşoğlu Holding promises suitable housings with such designs prepared custom tailored door bells, stainless steel newspaper holders, laundry rooms, and on the condition that all rooms get sunlight.


We provide all our projects with the top quality living products utilizing only the first grade materials and collaborating with such companies specialist in their fields.

All the products and details used in our all Housing and Shopping Center projects are chosen among the top and latest quality materials. We particularly pay attention to working with such companies providing durable and after-sale support besides quality. We demonstrate our difference in our projects for supporting happy homes with quality products.

We also display the same attention to household appliances. We aim to have our flat owners maintain a peaceful life by supporting our projects with the top quality and trouble-free products of the market.

midclubs (Sports and Life Club)

midclubs sports club that we include in our new projects since 2014 aims to carry sports experience to the peak level.

midclubs provides solutions to eliminate all necessities of sports fans. Providing top level services in cleanness, safety, and technology, midclubs applies custom-tailored programs meticulously to have you always in fit condition with its expert staff.

Setting off to be the most distinguished sport and living club of our country since its foundation, midclubs make difference with positive comments received and its successful management. midclubs continues to be the shining star of Keleşoğlu Holding projects.

Green Spaces

We place great importance on green zones in our projects. A large landscape equipped with trees and turfs most suitable to the region awaits you.

We know very well that our living spaces are not made with just 4 walls. Therefore, we pay attention to green spaces in our projects for a healthy and tranquil living. Parks, strolling areas, turfs, and trees must be indispensable elements for a project. We will continue to built housings in green zoned with lots of oxygen.

Our team of experts working around the clock for you to experience every shade of green with ponds, irrigation channels, and water jets.

2-Year Warranty

Keleşoğlu Holding, not abandoning its customers after-sale, provides a 2-year warranty for quick solutions to any potential problems with a team of experts.

We aim to produce rapid solutions with our after-sale team to any potential difficulties our dear flat owners. Our team of experts manages the process by closely analyzing problems, referring them to relevant department, and keeping track of them. Thus, it gives support to your problems in the shortest possible time.

This service is a privilege of Keleşoğlu Holding.

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